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We are a comprehensive women's health and reproductive medicine center with 35 years of experience.

We offer first-rate services to women and infertile couples with state-of-the-art technology and the best trained personnel

We are experts in infertility, maternal-fetal medicine and gynecology, including the management of menopause, childhood and adolescence, and contraception

We believe in the importance of everyone having the opportunity to start their own family regardless of their sexual orientation. We are associated with Surrogacy Colombia so that all types of couples can realize their dreams.

We are members of ACCER, REDLADA, ESHRE, ASRM and the Oncofertility Consortium

In addition...


More than 70% of our employees are women...

Many of whom have been part of our Conceptum family for more than 15 years. These women are not only highly skilled professionals, but also living examples of self-improvement, perseverance and dedication. Their long-term commitment to Conceptum not only reflects the quality of our work environment, but also underscores their passion for providing exceptional support to our patients.

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We embrace with conviction the principles of equality and diversity

We believe in the importance of building an inclusive and respectful environment for all. That is why we are proud to have members of the LGBTIQ+ community within our talented staff. We value the richness that diversity brings to our team and recognize the importance of representing and supporting all identities within our clinic. At Conceptum, every person, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, is valued and respected, contributing to an environment where everyone feels welcome and supported.


We cross borders

For the past three decades, Conceptum has been a trusted destination for international patients of all nationalities. Our 35 years of experience has attracted people from all over the world in search of quality services. The diversity of our clientele has helped forge a reputation that transcends borders. We appreciate the continued trust of our international patients and remain committed to providing exceptional care and positive results.​


We are the creators of

It was born in 2014 as a digital project of Conceptum looking for a way to expand the humanitarian mission of the company. At the beginning, it was created as an informative medium through which women who wanted to become pregnant, who were already pregnant or who had just had a baby could find the necessary information to help them in this process.

After 8 years of hard work, research and a lot of love for this project; Mi Embarazo has more than 50,000 followers in its social networks and more than half a million annual visits to its website.  Mi Embarazo is the result of the union of a medical team and a creative team.

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We are the creators of Igood Wellness

Igood was born out of the need to provide complete support to our patients. It is a service we provide to women, men and couples during their fertility treatments or who have had negative results and have not achieved pregnancy and are going through difficult times. We accompany them by providing them with psychological support tools, yoga techniques, relaxation and much more. Currently we have already assisted more than 50 people with very positive results​.

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We have the first Latin American Podcast on Reproductive Medicine

Reproductivity comes from the combination of the words 'reproduction' and 'productivity', capturing the essence of our channel, focused on addressing reproductive medicine and productivity issues. This new initiative connects us in an innovative way with patients and colleagues, exploring areas of interest such as technology, productivity and medicine through short, understandable and truly "re-productive" episodes. We will count on the participation of international experts and guests, as well as the active presence of our audience through social networks and our website.

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