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For some couples, egg donation is the only way to have a baby. If you are between 18 and 35 years old and have good health, you can help those couples by giving them THE GIFT OF LIFE.

A lot of women and couples have an only dream: to have a family. But, also there is a lot of them that need some help and there are you. Becoming an egg donor can be an amazing challenge but nothing will replace the fact of a happy family thanks to you. 

The reason why a lot of women decide to be egg donors are different but they share the desire of giving happiness to someone who didn't have it.

Do you want to be an egg donor?

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Our donors

Spreading smiles

Knowing that I made someone else's dream possible makes me smile every day. The most beautiful motivation of all.

It changes your life

My best friend went through chemotherapy and was unable to conceive after her treatment. I learned that she had made it through egg donation and that motivated me to help more people like her.

With love

Sometimes we think that women are like me, that they can conceive just by trying. Through my sister, I found out that many women go through long procedures to be able to have a child, I read the requirements to be a donor and without thinking twice I decided to do it, why not?

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