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10+ signs that he pretending not to like you, but deep down, he really cares for you.

1. He Acts Casual But He Slips Up Somethings

Everyone is different, so their ways to express feelings & emotions. Many guys act carefree around someone they like, but sometimes they can give you positive signals. Some signs he pretending not to like you but he cares include:

  • Liking your social media posts

  • Answering your calls and text right away

  • Listening to you carefully

  • Giving genuine compliments frequently

2. He Is Always Around You

The roots of true love connect deeply with human behavior as it is the first thing to change after you fall in love. If a guy wears a completely different character when he is around you, possibly he is in love with you. Here are some signs he pretending not to like you, but he’s mad about you.

  • You find him staring at you

  • When you notice, he tries to hide

  • He keeps looking for time to spend with you

4. He’s Not Your Boyfriend But Behaves Like One

He doesn’t need to say “I Love You” to be in love with you, not always. Boys are way different; they will spend every moment with you like a couple, but afraid of expressing feelings. So, if you wonder whether or not he loves you, look for these signs he pretending not to like you;

  • He spends a long time with you

  • He is differently protecting and loving you

  • Leave the world aside, you know how it feels to be with him

Signs that he pretending not to like you


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