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Your first appointment

Your first visit will help us to know your story. We would like you to tell us how long you have been looking for pregnancy.

Some things we'll talk about:

  • Details about failed attempts to get pregnant. .

  • Medical conditions that you or your partner may have.

  • For women: sexual problems, menstrual cycle, family history related to infertility, eating habits.

  • For men: sexual problems, previous conceptions, family history related to infertility, surgeries or recurrent infections..

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All the benefits we have for you


Your first visit includes the following exams:

  • Complete pelvic ultrasound, including count of antral follicles for evaluation of ovarian reserve

  • General Physical Exam

  • Creation of the medical history.


How to prepare yourself?

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Your medical history will have very important information for our fertility specialists. Please bring all the exams and information you have. Take a little time to search and organize the following information to bring it to your appointment:

  • List of medications, vitamins, herbs or other supplements you are taking:

    • Do not be afraid to give details. Write down everything, no matter how insignificant it may be.

    • Include the amount of each dose and how often you take it.

  • List of medical information:

    • Any medical condition that you or your partner may have

    • Previous assessments or fertility treatments

    • Details about your menstrual cycle: is it regular? How long does it usually last? Is the flow strong, medieum or light? Do you suffer from very painful periods?

  • List of times you tried to get pregnant:

    • How long have you been trying to conceive?

    • If you have basal temperature annotations or ovulation test results, it could be really useful.

  • Is there a history of infertility in the family?

    • Make sure you know it from both sides. Usually, infertility problems are very private, so it is best to ask directly..

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What should you bring?


  • Copies of your medical exams. Each document with relevant information for this case could be very helpful. .​

  • A list of questions for our fertility expert. It is good that you write them and keep them in mind at the time of the appointment. Our team will ask you many questions, so it is important that you also do yours. Look below, we suggest some that can be very important.

  • If you want, you can bring a notebook to write down all the information you consider necessary. You will not miss any detail.

  • Your partner can be present, if you want to. It is not necessary for your partner to come to the first consultation but both are invited to participate. This visit can be an opportunity for your partner to feel included in the process.


What to ask?

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It's time to ask our fertility expert what you want. This list of questions could help you but you can also add the ones you have. Remember that being face to face with our specialist is the perfect opportunity to get answers and calm your doubts.

  • Fertility exams: What tests would you specifically recommend to diagnose infertility? What do they cost?

  • Diagnosis: How long will it take to know what the problem is? Each case is different, so there may not be an exact answer but they can give you an idea of ​​the approximate time.

  • Treatment:

    • Based on the results of the tests, what would be my treatment options?

    • What are the statistics of success in those treatments in Conceptum?

    • What are the side effects and risks of those treatments?

  • About Conceptum:

    • Does Conceptum provide psychological help or can you recommend someone to deal with infertility problems?

    • What is the role that nurses play in treatments and when they can contact me?

    • Are exams and procedures done in the same place?

    • How many patients attend that are my age? How many have my infertility problem?

    • In Conceptum, what is the success rate in people of my age and with my treatment options?

    • How is the communication system of the clinic?

      • What time can I communicate? Can I write at any time if I have a question or a problem?

      • Is there an emergency line?

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Your first visit will cost $ 458,000 COP that includes all the exams specified in point 2. * Also, we can make you a personalized budget after your appointment.

*Additional exams not included.


What happens next?

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After the first consultation, you may have to take some tests that are part of a fertility treatment. In this way, we can monitor your progress throughout your entire process. These tests will help us determine fertility problems, establish a basis for the following tests and find out if there are any problems that may interfere with the fertility treatment:

  • Tests for women:

    • Ultrasound to observe the ovaries where we will include the count of antral follicles.


      • Antimüllerian hormone (AMH) to measure ovarian reserve


      • LH

      • Estradiol

      • Progesterone

    • Other tests that may be required:

  • Preconception Laboratories

  • PRL

  • TSH y T4L.

  • Tests for men:

    • Sperm Sample (Spermiogram)

    • Sperm DNA Fragmentation

    • Infectious disease tests.

More info

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  • Please, you must arrive 20 minutes before the agreed time for your appointment. In these minutes we will complete all your registration data.

  • At Conceptum we put all our effort into offering quality care to all our patients and having availability in our schedules for all. That is why we ask for a minimum of 48 hours (two business days) to let us know if you want to cancel or reschedule your appointment. If you lose your appointment or notify less than 48 hours in advance, your credit card will be charged 10% of the value of the query.

  • To cancel or to schedule a new date for your appointment, you can contact us at the landline (571) 6164480 or by WhatsApp 3107699757.

Set your first appointment
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