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At our fertility centre, we've helped many couples to achieve their dreams of having #ANEWFAMILY. All LGBTIQ+ community are more than welcome here.

It doesn't matter if is through common pregnancy, or through IVF: the birth of #ANEWFAMILY is something we all should celebrate!



All paths to parenthood are unique.

At Conceptum, diversity has taken a huge part of our mision as a fertility centre. Since 1.988, we are pioneers on fertility treatments for all of our patients regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or marital status.

We have cutting-edge technology to give you the adequate treatment according to your case, also our egg and sperm bank will help us to make your dream a reality.

When you have decide to start #ANEWFAMILY, you and your couple will have an initial appoinment with our fertility experts. We will talk about your medical record, diagnostic tests, your treatment options and financial options. After this, we will take new diagnostic tests to determine the fertile health of your partner.


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